Welcome to 3D Steam

Here at 3D Steam, we produce 3D Printed models and casting patterns. Check out our gallery below!

Please note, the only orders I am taking at this time are for the Mamod TE/Roller track clips.
I am not looking to take on any new orders for larger items.

One of our most popular products is our track guides for Mamods and other model steam engines. The guides allow the models to follow a groove in a track, rather than having to steer manually.

We have a version of the clip for both the mamod traction engine and also the steam roller

mamod on track

Traction Engine Track Clip


Steam Roller Track Clip


Show Me The Money (Box)!

The Traction Engine Money box.

A coin slot in the chimney top lets coins drop down the chimney into the smokebox. The money box stands roughly 30cm tall, and the money can be accessed through the smokebox door.

Both the door ring and nameplate are optional and customisable, and there are many options to customise the colour of the smokebox components too.


Have you ever wondered how a steam locomotive works?

Here you can find out!

A 3D printed model of a locomotive’s motion, with a cutaway piston showing the valve movements.