3D Printed Models

Heavy Haulage Trailer

Mamod-Sized Heavy Haulage!

This heavy haulage trailer is modelled on the one seen at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. It is scaled to be towed by a Mamod or Wilesco.

Both turntables can rotate independently (or the rear one can be fixed).

The wheels run on roller bearings, so it will travel along with very little resistance.


Saw Bench

A scale replica of a rack saw bench. Based on the “Willi-Cut-It” bench of the Brothwell family.

It is roughly 1/10th scale of the original.

The one pictured has a 4″ TCT blade fitted, but can also have a 3D printed plastic blade


Track Clips

Track guides are designed to be attached to Mamod traction engines and steam rollers. They connect to the font axle / rolls, and guide the mamod around a groove in a track.


Money Box

The Smokebox Money Box, a steam way to keep your money.   A coin slot in the top of the chimney for inserting coins, and the smokebox door opens to access your money.

Customisable to any engine make.


Railway Valve Gear Model

A 3D printed demonstration model of Walschaerts Valve Gear.

The Cylinder and valve are shown as a cutaway, making the valve movements visible for demonstrations.

Optional: A motorised version with speed control


Stationary Valve Gear Model

A 3D Printed model of a stationary engine.

The Piston and slide valve are shown as a cutaway to demonstrate the valve movements.

Approximately 50cm long.

Manually operation by turning a crank handle, but could be motorised

3D Printed Models

Cutaway Cylinder Block

A cutaway model of a traction engine cylinder block. The model can be separated into several pieces to show the passageways and interior of a traction engine style cylinder block. The Piston, Slide Valve and Regulator can be moved to demonstrate their operation.


Pickering Governor Model

A 3D Printed model of a Pickering-style governor and valve.

Hand-cranked by the large wheel, the governors spin and expand, moving the valve bobbin and closing the valve.

Mounted on a stand for easy display.

3D Printed Models